Ghetto Youths Tour Blog: Q&A with Christopher

Christopher is currently rehearsing in Miami for the 14 night, Ghetto Youths’ tour of the West Coast of the United States.  Starting in Hawaii on 14th June they will continue onto Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada. He took a quick break to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes…..

What’s it like working with Damian, Stephen & the Ghetto Youths?
“It’s nice working with the other artists because you get to see how they do things different from you, also you learn from them, sometimes subconsciously, sharp iron sharpens iron! Overall it’s great!”

Ghetto Youths Crew ready to tour

What is your favourite track on Set Up Shop?
“Let me see… Affairs of the Heart from Gong and Treat You Right from Daniel Bambaata Marley.  Those 2 probably have the most play on my iPod at the moment but I love all the tracks on the album! Black-Am-I’s Modern Day Freedom is a great song.  Go get the album if you don’t have it already….”

Top or bottom bunk on the tour bus?
“The answer is middle, there are 3 levels! Middle always. I cant be bothered to keep climbing up and I don’t wanna see feet when peeping out of my bunk so middle! Easy access! Lol”

Who’s the best touring companion and why?
“Well we always have a lot of jokes on tour with everyone but ILLESTR8 is one of my tour parrys.   He’s a proper comedian sometimes.”

What’s your first memory of watching live music?
“My first memory of watching live music is seeing my dad destroy the Hammersmith Palais in 1993, I’ll never forget that! Songs like I’m Still in Love, Breaking Up and Willow Tree had the place going crazy. Amazing!”

Tell us about your next single ‘Better than Love
“It’s a real original style reggae song, we took it back, way back!  It’s about you having a partner and the feeling is so overwhelming that it seems like it’s better than love. I think you are going to enjoy it!”

Which venue are you most looking forward to performing at?
“I’m looking forward to all the shows but Hawaii especially because I’ve never been there before.  Also the Hollywood Bowl is a venue that all the boys are excited about. Check out the dates and we will see you somewhere!”

Check back for more Tour Blogs.  You can follow Christopher on Twitter @ellismuzicchild,, Instagram @ChristopherEllisOfficial and YouTube

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